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Film and TV Projects in Development

Comes Love written by Howard "Rowdy" Herrington - Family Musical Feature Film       ($20M budget)

A highly paid gigolo known as "The Alimony Hitman" specializes in working for very rich men burdened by huge alimony settlements. Posing as a wealthy man he seduces and marries the EX wives eliminating the alimony, then quickly disappearing. This story is one such encounter of the "Alimony Hitman" who discovers what it's like when the plan goes awry when the "Hitman" falls in love with his victim; leading to a dramatic and shattering climax. – Pitch deck and budgets available upon request. (Produced in association with Observe Media LLC.)     (c) 2019 Comes Love TN, LLC / 4:30 Entertainment Group LLC

Shenanigans  – written by Richard Pickens - Family Comedy Feature     ($45M budget)

An unexpected inheritance places the Kelly family on a journey to the beautiful Shamrock castle in Ireland, where they find themselves in the middle of an ancient battle between the vengeful Viking, Finneus Shade and the magic of a group of little people with a big secret. – Executive Package available / (c) 2017 4:30 Entertainment Group LLC. All rights reserved

Christmas Cowboy – written by Linda M. Wright - Family Feature Film        ($10.5M budget)

When SAM HILL turned 3 years old, his Mom had already nicknamed her only child, “Singing Sam.” So, when his College Choir Instructor enters him in a national talent contest, everyone knows the family-oriented, shy Sam is a cinch to win. Sam wins and says good-bye to his small-town beginnings, dumps his high school sweetheart, ALEX, claiming he “didn’t want to get married and have kids anyway” and heads to the country recording capital of the world....NASHVILLE. It doesn’t take long, however, for his new fame and big ego to quickly find Sam in trouble. He ends up in front of a Judge who
sentences him to community service in a Foster Care Home. When Sam knocks on the front door, he is confronted by his past as he learns Alex is the founder of the Foster Home. Can Sam finally humble himself to his roots? Can he learn to love “bratty kids?” Can Sam re-capture Alex’s heart, never mind his own? But more important, can he re-learn that the Christmas spirit isn’t one day a year...but a way of life. 
Executive Package available / 4:30 Entertainment Group (co-producer)

​​Second Chance
Music reality show-- We are looking for unsigned songwriters, music artists that have absolutely no ties to any record imprint or label of any kind. This totally unscripted show will have contestants from previous shows like American Idol, The Voice and others compete for a chance to be developed by a world renowned producer and will document the progress of the artist from beginning to end in order to accurately and sequentially depict the rise of the artist to stardom.  -Currently in pre-production / (c) 2018 4:30 Entertainment Group LLC

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