The places you find theatrical films broadcast on Television are expanding, primarily due to the continuing success of cable and specialty channels. And with the rise of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and others, quality TV programs are a click away on your TV remote. Today there are networks ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, plus alternative choices such as AMC, HBO, Showtime, TBS, UPN, the USA Network, and WB. The Satellite Broadcast delivery systems - Direct TV and Dish Network and others are now delivering up to 400 channels to households across North America via a small dish, and at a competitive price to cable. These new satellite delivery systems are, in effect, giant distributors and they have a continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round need for content, of which theatrical films are the foundation.

Film and TV Projects in Development

Shenanigans  written by Richard Pickens - Family Comedy Feature     ($25M budget)

An unexpected inheritance places the Kelly family on a journey to the beautiful Shamrock castle, where they find themselves in the middle of an ancient battle between the vengeful Viking, Finneus Shade and the magic of a group of little people with a big secret. – Executive Package available / (c) 2017 4:30 Entertainment Group LLC. All rights reserved

A Little Boys Prayer – written by Stephen Marshall - TV Movie of the Week       ($1.5M budget)

When a man's life is forced up a tree, at least a tree house, the perfect image he's clung to unravels until heʼs fit with the very thing heʼs longed for and yet hid from. Restitution has never been so beautiful, poetic or romantic as it is in the picturesque town of Forrester. The prayer is answered and now his life has only just begun. – www.alittleboysprayer.com - CD / Script / Novelette and Children's Book available

Second Chance
Music reality show-- We are looking for unsigned songwriters, music artists that have absolutely no ties to any record imprint or label of any kind. This totally unscripted show will document the progress of the artist from beginning to end in order to accurately and sequentially depict the rise of the artist to stardom.  -Currently in pre-production / (c) 2017 4:30 Entertainment Group LLC

Theatrical Release and Home Video Markets

The global Home Video market now accounts for more than half of the major studios' revenue from film entertainment (Variety, May 15, 2006). The DVD / BluRay  penetration into U.S. and Canadian households achieved such a startling growth rate over the past several years that home video today is a major factor in determining the financial success of any theatrical film. As the digital age rises, direct point to point downloads of films have taken precedence over DVD rentals and 4:30 Entertainment will be right there to meet the growing needs of the population with high quality FAMILY ORIENTED products.

Film & Television

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