4:30 Foundation


Part of 4:30 Entertainment’s commitment to bettering the planet will be through philanthropic or benevolent giving. THE 4:30 FOUNDATION mission will be to provide resources to the homeless and dying around the world, with an emphasis on unwed mothers, battered women and children. Through important organizations such as “Tender Mercies” and “Heart For Africa” and any others, orphans, widows and homeless both overseas and at home will benefit from receiving food, clothing, shelter and education through the proceeds of the various film, television and music projects produced by 4:30 Entertainment Group and its various associates. 4:30 Entertainment is committed to providing 15% to 20% of its net proceeds to 4:30 Foundation to provide the aid and comfort necessary to needy individuals around the world. This will negate the necessity of having to raise money through public solicitation, by providing the Foundation with a consistent monetary resource. And the general public who buy our products and services, and see our movies and TV shows will know that a portion of what they patronize will provide direct aid to needy people without high administration costs.

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